On The Road

'On the Road' tells the stories of our travels to visit grassroots organizations around the world. Join us on the journey: you’ll meet courageous leaders, hear inspirational stories about the children they serve, and learn how global change begins at the grassroots.

Announcing the 2017 Maya Ajmera Sustainability Awards

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The Global Fund for Children is proud to honor two outstanding grassroots partners with the 2017 Maya Ajmera Sustainability Award!

Knocked Down Twice, Rising Every Time: Grassroots Organizations in Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Journey to West Africa with Bundie Kabanze, who reflects on the spirit of Ubuntu and the resilience of communities that have experienced great hardship.

Grassroots Efforts to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls

Conflict-affected girls playing at GFC partner Georges Malaika Foundation, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The newest member of our Africa team reflects on the grassroots movement to eliminate violence against women and girls–and speaks of her own experience as a Congolese woman.

The Man with the Plan

Children and youth served by GFC grassroots partner Young Disabled Sports Club in Turkey.

A grassroots leader in Turkey has taken on new challenges to help his community’s children, including Turkish children, Syrian refugee children, and children with disabilities.

Striving for Success in a Challenging Situation: A Lesson from Pakwach


GFC grassroots partner Life Concern renews hope for girls who have been affected by the LRA conflict in Uganda.

Small Investments Still Paying Big Dividends


A microloan program proves incredibly valuable to youth living with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan.

Girls at Ukwala school have education and hope

Photo Credit: iGLOW

In honor of International Day of the Girl Child, we kick off our new GFC Grassroots Partner Spotlight series with Girls Leading Our World Initiatives!

Grassroots Organizations Persevere One Year After Nepal Earthquake


A year after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal, The Global Fund for Children’s grassroots partners continue to offer a lifeline to the most vulnerable among the affected population.

Declaration of Interdependence: Supporting a Grassroots Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis


In this manifesto, 14 grassroots organizations, along with GFC, declare who they are, how they work, and how you can work with them in responding to the Syrian refugee crisis. Together, we can make the world a more just and more gentle place.

The Cambodian Child Who Stole My Heart


CEO Susan Goodell tells the story of a boy she met while visiting GFC partners in Cambodia, and why his story meant so much to her.