The Global Fund for Children

When was The Global Fund for Children founded

Founded in 1994, The Global Fund for Children’s first small grants were awarded to a train platform school and two other grassroots organizations in India in 1997, totaling $3,100.  To date, GFC has awarded more than $21 million in grants to nearly 500 organizations working in 78 countries around the world. Throughout our growth, we have remained experimental, imaginative and attentive to the needs of our grantee partners—taking big risks and seeking even bigger rewards for the communities and children we serve.

What does The Global Fund for Children do

At The Global Fund for Children, we give small grants to innovative community-based organizations working with the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. We also help our grassroots partners improve their sustainability, develop their networks, increase their visibility, and grow and deepen their capacity to positively affect children’s lives.

We believe the best way to reach vulnerable children is through grassroots organizations. Embedded in their communities, these organizations are well placed to reach children where they live, play, and work—on the streets, in markets, in remote areas—and to create opportunities for them to learn, grow, and thrive. Our grassroots partners frequently provide comprehensive care to meet children’s needs, use local resources and networks, and pioneer innovative solutions to old problems. Click here to read more about “What We Do.”

How can my organization apply for a grant

Please carefully review our grantmaking priorities and selection criteria. If your organization qualifies, you may submit an online letter of inquiry to be reviewed by the grantmaking team. No emails or phone calls, please.

How does The Global Fund for Children find its grantee partners

The Global Fund for Children finds its grantee partners in many ways. In some cases, we receive referrals from like-minded funders, existing grantee partners, and others within our network of contacts. We also identify new organizations through in-country scouting and site visits. In addition, any organization can submit a letter of inquiry to be considered for funding. Click here to learn more about our selection criteria.

Will The Global Fund for Children support me as an individual to further my studies, or cover other personal expenses

The Global Fund for Children is unable to make grants to individuals. GFC supports only registered nongovernmental organizations.

How can I help?

You can help by making a financial contribution to The Global Fund for Children. Your gift helps to strengthen and expand our support of small grassroots organizations around the world that improve educational opportunities for children who would otherwise be left behind. You can find other ways to support GFC by visiting our Get Involved section.

Does the Global Fund for Children accept or place volunteers

At this time, The Global Fund for Children does not accept volunteers and does not help to place volunteers with any of our grantee partner organizations. Those looking to volunteer internationally are encouraged to visit www.one-world.net and www.interaction.org, both of which list hundreds of international NGOs. Information on international volunteer programs can be found at www.idealist.org.

Are there employment opportunities or internships available?

Our employment opportunities page lists all currently available positions. The Global Fund for Children typically has a limited number of one-semester and summer internships available to undergraduate and graduate students.