Our Impact

Since its founding, The Global Fund for Children has touched the lives of more than 9 million children worldwide.

Our impact means thousands of children are going to school instead of to work. Thousands more are protecting themselves from HIV, escaping the bonds of slavery, and getting the childhood they deserve.

As of 2015, The Global Fund for Children has awarded over $34 million in grants to more than 600 grassroots organizations in 78 countries. Here’s how:

We Find What Works

Our program officers use their regional expertise to scout out the most promising organizations operating in marginalized communities. From an annual pool of more than 1,500 organizations (gathered through research, referrals, and online inquiries), less than 20 new grassroots partners are selected for funding each year.

We Invest Strategically

We identify innovative groups as they emerge, and over the course of three to six years, help them to grow and thrive using flexible, strategic investments. In fiscal year 2013, 80 percent of our new grantees had budgets under $100,000. For 83 percent, GFC was the first US-based institutional funder.

We Spread the Word

Our first job is to find community-based organizations that are changing children’s lives—then we help them grow with management support, training, and leverage. Our program officers spend thousands of hours each year providing services geared toward growing our partners’ visibility and sustainability. On average, our grantees grow threefold over the course of our funding relationship. Since 1997, we’ve helped our partners secure more than $9 million from other funders, including $1.9 million leveraged in 2014 alone.

We Check Our Work

We track our grantees’ development—it’s a measure of our success, and our donors’. Each of our grantee partners produces measurable outcomes, whether it’s helping more migrant children stay in school, getting more girls to understand the risks of HIV/AIDS, or providing more counseling sessions to child trafficking survivors. We ensure that our donors’ investment produces real results.

We Keep Our Costs Low

Our grantees operate on a shoestring budget—and we follow their model, maximizing every dollar and putting the money where it counts. Eighty-five percent of our annual budget supports our programs.

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